The GoPro Hero4 Session: So Small. So Stoked.

Other video posted July 6, 2015 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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The GoPro Hero4 Session: So Small. So Stoked.

“GoPro just launched a new camera today called the Session and it looks awesome! It's by far the smallest, lightest, and most discrete GoPro ever at only 1.4 inches cubed and 2.3 ounces, and with built-in waterproofing it doesn't even need a case. Just being able to easily walk around with it in your pocket is game-changing.

It only has one main button on the top, press it to turn the camera on and start recording video or hold it to start a timelapse, and then press it again to stop recording and turn the camera off to save battery.

At a max video resolution of 1440p at 30fps and photo resolution of 8 megapixels the Session is a bit less powerful than the other Hero4 cameras but makes up for it with much smaller size, new mounting options, and better battery life (which is great because the battery is embedded in the camera). It also has the best audio of any GoPro camera because it has two microphones (front and back) and automatically switches between them to help filter out background noise.

Since the main benefit of this camera is the size and weight it seems perfect for drones and VR rigs, which I'm guessing is exactly what GoPro is aiming for...”

Cerith Halfpenny

I don't like it.... One big crash on the bike and the thing is destroyed! It doesn't even have to be big! just catch it in the right place as you go down and you break it!
Dave Lawton

Interesting observation and perspective, I'm guessing that it's actually pretty rugged like a regular GoPro now otherwise it's not that useful it would just be like using a regular GoPro now but outside the case! It's interesting though that they didn't really talk much about the durability in the p...