drift trikes at killington invitational 2015

Other video posted August 5, 2015 by Scott Pailley  Scott Pailley

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drift trikes at killington invitational 2015

“This is footage from the killing it in Killington invitational 2015 drift trike event, this is mostly the free riding portion of the event, enjoy it through the eyes of 2014 adta(american drift trike association)trick champion and founder of nfa drift trikes,Tony Perham”

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Dave Lawton

Looks super fun can't wait to try one of em one day! What are those things that some of the riders are wearing on their feet?
Scott Pailley

Some riders prefer to make "break shoes" as in closed road events speeds can reach over 60 mph and the extra rubber helps to control cornering in a race scenario, kinda like street lugers.