Just Chilling - Speedflying Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Other video posted February 6, 2013 by Jean Jacques Wallis  Jean Jacques Wallis

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Just Chilling - Speedflying Spitzkoppe, Namibia

“We took a month long trip into the Namibian desert,taking our Speed-Wings and cameras with..We set out to find some epic Mountains and this is the video from Spitzkoppe. It is a 700m high solid rock in the middle of the hot desert... Just Chilling is an Un-Sponsored project with all content is Done by the riders themselves...Pls like and Share so we can grow and do bigger better videos.. Our Facebook Page: /JustChillingSA”

Daren Strange

Jean Jacques,

Welcome to stoked. It is refreshing to see the actual athletes uploading video. I hope the site can bring you more notoriety, and get you sponsored to continue taking amazing video. Well done.

Daren Strange
Dave Lawton

Awesome footage Jean looks like an amazing trip!