Kurt Sorge's Winning Run - Red Bull Rampage 2015

MTB video posted October 16, 2015 by Zack Remus  Zack Remus

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Kurt Sorge's Winning Run - Red Bull Rampage 2015

“Kurt Sorge cemented his name in Rampage history by laying down an insane winning run at Red Bull Rampage 2015. Backflips, exposed ridgelines, precise bike control and a helluva lot of speed earned him top spot on the podium and his second Rampage win.”

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Dave Lawton

EPIC! I watched it live but haven't seen the GoPro video of this run yet, it's awesome. It's crazy how he landed so hard on that massive drop that the camera tilted forward, but it still worked out to capture the end of the run from a different angle! Thanks for sharing!
Zack Remus

His run was insane! But so many people had next level runs.

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