Skydiving With GoPro Telemetry GPS Data

Basejump video posted November 25, 2016 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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Skydiving With GoPro Telemetry GPS Data

“This is the best example I've seen so far of the new GoPro features which display GPS overlays in videos. Skydiving definitely gives some interesting GPS readings, particularly the changes in speed and altitude throughout the jump and the changes in g-force at the end of the jump. At first I was confused about the slow speeds but then I remembered back to physics class that speed isn't a vector so it's probably just showing the horizontal speed. I think for most action sports the velocity would be a much more meaningful number and here is a good example why, if you went skydiving would you rather see your 20 mp/h horizontal speed or your 200 mp/h velocity as you approach terminal velocity? It would be cool if the velocity info were included as well, if I remember back to physics class correctly I think it could be fairly easily calculated with the speed and change in elevation, maybe it will be included in an update in the future.”

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