Rollerblade Inline Street - Bercy 2013

Inline Skate video posted March 21, 2013 by caron  caron

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Rollerblade Inline Street - Bercy 2013

“Roller Inline Agressif rollerblade - Tpg 2013 Roller Skate "Winterclash"
Trophes Parisiens de la Glisse. Bercy 2013 Ici: Authentique Freeride Ici : Slow Motion,Stunt & Drift here:

In this video:  roller pro agreesif freerider jump

Daren Strange

Bad edit. Same trick at 0:43 and 1:23. Note woman in red jacket. Content is impressive, but music is unimpressive and monotonous, no sound. Camera work is shaky. I am partial to in-line so I want this to be stoked, but I just can't vote for it.

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