Rennes sur Roulettes 2017

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Rennes sur Roulettes 2017

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Hello friends ! (FR version at the end)
Sometimes there are people who ask me a lot of questions about the material on various videos.
So today I decided to help you a little by giving you my opinion and trying to lead you as best as possible in the right direction.

1- If you are looking for Speed ​​Skating gear and quality wheels for all disciplines, then I would like to advise you on this new site:
nom du site
You will find good quality material that has been selected carefully, as well as quality advice if you need it. In addition the prices practiced are often the lowest of the web and there are even, at the moment of numerous promos quasi unbeatable! Website of course, which I highly recommend.

But be careful! Other advice, if you buy wheels, I strongly discourage you from the increasingly popular Chinese website: AliExpress because most of the time the wheels you find are copies! ... And even though in appearance they are almost perfect, To the use they prove to be pitiful! ... Even the bearings that you can find on their site are very often of poor quality ... And of course if I tell you that, trust me I tested for you ...

Ps: take care sometimes you will find the same products on amazon and e-bay, so if you are not sure of the seller, distrust! ... Hence the interest I think again to go to a safe site such as FVH for example or other (if you want to pay more)? ...

FVH Sport:

2- Need a versatile skate?
If so, then if you allow me, I would advise one of the best models of the market, even see probably the best for its versatility! This one is perfect for hiking and Freeskate (jump, slide, competition of Skate-cross etc ...). It is also usable without any problem for freestyle slalom.
Its many qualities are due to a short platinum, large wheels and a comfortable shell well made mechanically and adapted to the greatest number since I have not received any complaints about him, besides it is probably for All these reasons that this skate is sometimes used by the best competitors of the circuit of World Skate Cross Series! ...

3- Slalom Roller:
If you are looking for safe and reliable skates especially or largely for Freestyle Slalom, then I definitely think that these models should suit you. The German brand will not disappoint you, its reputation is already made for a long time !! ...
Model 1 - The high range:
Model 2 - half high game (already very good):

PS: in both cases you can also use them for freeskate.

4- Bearing:
You are a competitor or you are simply a practitioner skating in all weather, and if you are willing to invest to have the best possible bearings! Then I propose you these Full Céramic high performance bearings!

The advantages of these bearings?

A- Exceptional gliding sensation.
B - a coefficient of friction close to 0.
C- exceptional lightness and rigidity.

D- Undoubtedly the advantage for me that surpasses all the others, it is the fact of being able to skate continuously all the year, that it rains or that it snow without having the ordeal of the bearings seized or stuck with the " Obligation to constantly clean them !!
With these bearings say goodbye definitely to the cleaning chore ...

Ps: Know that these same bearings for information are sold 4 times more expensive under the brand VXB (on e-bay) and other sites ... After looking everywhere I think the link I suggest is the place where you will find them at the lowest price.

On the other hand if you can not for now offer you this model super high-end Full ceramic, do not worry, it does not matter! Here is the BSB brand which is for me simply the absolute reference mark of the bearing! It surpasses almost all other brands in terms of precision, resistance and price. Personally it's been more than 20 years that I use them! ...
For me their only rival was SKF, but the latter has stopped producing long time bearings adapted to the skates: /

BSB Abec 7
BSB Abec 9: http: //

PS: Be carefull do not take the BSB in a metal box, they are only poor copies !!! ...

Otherwise there is also the brand Twincam very interesting for the ratio price performance.
On the other hand I found that their bearings tended to take a lot of game pretty quickly ...

5- You want Led Wheels? I know that for my part I tested 3 different brands and for me, those that were the most reliable were those of the brand Powerslide, which, for my part, did not surprise me more than that .. However, it is clear that these wheels are cool but are not the best allies for freeskate or long distances if you are looking for performance.

6 - Looking for slalom studs? If so, I always advise you the Powerslide studs, at least you will be sure that the size of their studs are homologated by the Federation Roller International Sport:

7 - Sometimes answering questions like "what video material do you use?"

Answer: nothing out of reach. Of course if I send you these links it is that I was satisfied with this material, otherwise I will not transmit them.

My last "toy" that is becoming an indispensable "tool" is the
3-axis stabilizer Feiyu FY WG100:

For the moment the videos I have made with are:
Training Roller Training
Roller Quad Slalom Paris cadéro
Paname Skate-Cross EGP 18 2017

SJCAM SJ5000X Elite:

Panasonic Lumix dmc fz200:

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Friendly Fc”