Goatfell descent Scotland (2866 feet)

MTB video posted June 26, 2017 by Toad blaster  Toad blaster

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Goatfell descent Scotland (2866 feet)

“Goatfell is the highest point on the isle of arran on the west coast of Scotland and it's quite a rocky descent good times were had despite my legs wanting me to give in and stop hahaha

Filmed using a gimbal so super smooth

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Daren Strange

What is the gimbal setup? Smooth ...
Toad blaster

I'm using a feiyu tech g4 handheld gimbal attached to a chest mount using a handle bar mount
Daren Strange

Tech has come along way in a short time. Getting footage like yours was very expensive and literally not possible. Especially to the athlete. Awesome ... just awesome.