Puerto Escondido | Dream Swell

Surf video posted March 16, 2018 by Steven Cummings  Steven Cummings

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Puerto Escondido | Dream Swell

“We arrived to Puerto Escondido amped and ready to film! The swell had just arrived, and it was like nothing I've ever seen before. Wide sandy beach, and a never ending supply of tube rides. The diversity of wave options on this small stretch of beach is something out of a fairytale. Legendary surfers like Coco Nogales, and Andrew Mathews toying with triple overhead beasts. I couldn't believe my eyes.”

Dave Lawton

Awesome! Steve was there for it too: http://stoked.com/HoStevie/
Steven Cummings

He sure was! We traveled out there together :) I have all my videos on YouTube. I just started uploading here to Stoked!
Dave Lawton

Right on!