13 Women, 1 Wave, World Record

Surf video posted March 27, 2018 by Steven Cummings  Steven Cummings

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13 Women, 1 Wave, World Record

“Today was a monumental day for women, and for bodysurfing! We set a major benchmark for the most women to bodysurf a wave! Thirteen hard chargin’ ladies hit the water this morning and achieved greatness! Never been done before, and we challenge all bodysurfing clubs/groups/friends to try and beat our huge achievement! 1. Calla Allison (9-time World Bodysurfing Champion in age group, 5-time World Grand Champion-Women), 2. Meredith Rose, (2-time Wolrd Champion age group), 3. Scotti Shaf”

Dave Lawton

Steven Cummings

We actually have groups in Japan and Australia that have made retire videos to try and beat our record! This is a global challenge already!
Steven Cummings

Hey thanks Dave! These ladies are so bad ass!