Bits and Pieces trailer version 1

BMX video posted June 17, 2018 by Fred Hanbury  Fred Hanbury

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Bits and Pieces trailer version 1

““Bits and Pieces”, a story about an incredible artist named Dan Margetts who expresses his passion for BMX flatland. This man has developed a great deal of wisdom over the past 20years of riding. He is an ordinary guy with maestro skills on his bike with deep philosophy that he lives by daily. This film casually collaborates with some free runners that are from Worcester and other locations, who have a similar voice to Dan who want to express their sport to society. Coming this summer”

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Dave Lawton

Very cool!
Daren Strange

Great edit. Tells a story, and the city, river, drone shots establish a strong sense of place.
Fred Hanbury

Hey man! yo thanks there is more to come, trying to portray the sports as artistic as possible, as well showing the art in the environment that we live in. Really appreciate your feedback my friend!