First Ascent of Nepal’s Lunag Ri – Solo

Other video posted November 26, 2018 by Simone van Slingerland  Simone van Slingerland

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First Ascent of Nepal’s Lunag Ri – Solo

“Austrian alpinist David Lama has safely returned from a dramatic first ascent of Lunag Ri – and he did it alone. In one of the most impressive first ascents of the modern alpine era, David Lama succeeded in becoming the first to conquer Lunag Ri (6907 m/22,660 ft.), one of the highest unclimbed peaks in Nepal. It was a challenging climb on a mountain never previously summited – a unique achievement in an era where few such challenges are left.”

Dave Lawton

Wow...that's seriously intense!
Daren Strange

Safely returned is an important caveat. I lost my breath watching.