Getting injured sucks, don't do it!

Parkour video posted September 7, 2019 by Mohl György  Mohl György

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Getting injured sucks, don't do it!

“A small mistake, yet a whole summer is crossed out.”

Dave Lawton

Oh man, that really sucks, sorry to hear about the injury. What happened? Did you break your ankle? Or a bad sprain? I had a bad ankle injury when I was younger and did lots of physio to strengthen it. At least you still got some pretty amazing footage, it's cool what you can do just with a forest a...
Mohl György

Thank you, Sir! Fortunately i didn't break anything, a bad sprain only, now (about 3 months later) i can do light parkour again.
Yes, ankles are so bad, once i got a partially torn ligament, that took about a year to be usable again.
Yeah, i don't have great urban environments, but forests can be fun ...
Dave Lawton

Ouch that's rough, yeah my ankle is fine now, I had a badly torn ligament when I was a teenager but did lots of physio to make it stronger and now I don't have any problems anymore. It just takes time to heal I guess! I would definitely recommend waiting until it's better to start doing anything bec...
Mohl György

Glad to hear you're fine now :)
Yes, i don't want to mess it up again. I do things that i'm certain that won't surprise my ankles (no forest running yet :D), and even though i don't feel any weakness anymore, i'm really really careful. That's our way of "stop doing it", i guess :D
Thanks for the suppo...