Kriss Kyle’s ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’

BMX video posted November 6, 2019 by Simone van Slingerland  Simone van Slingerland

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Kriss Kyle’s ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’

“The latest and greatest BMX edit ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’ has just dropped and is a must-watch if you have an ounce of bike oil in your blood. Starring Scottish bike-master Kriss Kyle and filmed, directed and edited by Matty Lambert ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’ takes you on a bike spinning, wall-riding, shark-baiting, big-drop tour of Denmark and its cultural assets. Saddle up and watch in wonder as Kriss and Matty shred Denmark, the happy capital of the world.”

Dave Lawton

Daren Strange

Fun to watch.
Simone van Slingerland

Glad you guys like it!