Jackson Hole Massive Air, Backcountry Skiing

Ski video posted November 26, 2019 by Owen Leeper  Owen Leeper

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Jackson Hole Massive Air, Backcountry Skiing

“Sking my favorite lines, cliffs and couloirs around Jackson Hole in my edit "Gettin' Sendy". Tons of ski lines in the backcountry off the tram, sketchy couloirs, blower powder and sending some huge frontflips with Julian Carr. I also made it out to backflip the Palisades at Squaw Valley along with a few other sick in bounds airs.”

Dave Lawton

Daren Strange

Even with the first person perspective, it just can't be emphasized how steep these steeps are. Your brain would shortwire if you were really doing this. I swear, I have been at the bottom looking up at some of these, and there is just no effing way. No. Nope. Never. These guys are astronauts.