What Does It Take - EP1 with Danny MacAskill

BMX video posted April 1, 2020 by Simone van Slingerland  Simone van Slingerland

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What Does It Take -  EP1 with Danny MacAskill

“Check out What Does It Take, a brand new ten-part podcast series hosted by professional BMX rider Matthias Dandois. Matthias has spent a lifetime riding and travelling, starred in a French romcom movie and rocked the world of BMX flatland with his unique creative style on a his pegs. Now he finds himself on the opposite side of the mic as the host to this brand new podcast. Episode 1: Danny MacAskill – The Trails and MTB legend Listen to the full episode on your favorite podcast platform.”

Dave Lawton

Very cool!
Simone van Slingerland

Thanks, Dave! Yes, I agree. Love this project...